Who’s Involved

Our recycling labels are cited as international best practice by the UN Environment Programme and as one of the tools for tackling waste and building the circular economy by Defra in its 25 Year Environment Plan.  So it’s hardly surprising more and more businesses are joining us.

The On-Pack Recycling Label scheme is administered by On-Pack Recycling Label Ltd or more commonly, OPRL. But we provide much more to our members to support them in meeting their sustainability commitments on packaging.  Any company or organisation putting packaging on consumer products for sale or providing packaging services within a consumer product supply chain in the UK is eligible to join.  And to date over 220 companies and charities have done just that – that’s more than 550 brands.

The labels are now widely recognised by consumers, with 7 in 10 recognising the label.

Our labels are on packaging protecting beauty products, carpets, DIY, drinks, electricals, entertainment, fashion, furnishings, games, gardening, general merchandising, groceries, health and hygiene products, hire clothing, home, laundry, leisure, magazines, outdoor wear, pet products, toys – the list keeps expanding! Everything from haggis, fashion and alarm clocks to Indian chutneys, paint cans and furniture polish bears the label.

Our award-winning label is acknowledged as the industry standard for communicating the recyclability of packaging.  We are increasingly recognised as supporting sustainable design and the elimination of non-recyclable packaging materials unless other factors make these the most sustainable option eg through product protection or light-weighting.