REFILL Labels now Available

OPRL’s Recycling labels give consumers information on how to dispose of their packaging once they have finished with it. However, there is small but growing amount of packaging on the market designed for reuse and refill. New REFILL labels have been developed and consumer-tested to enable OPRL members to engage their customers in using refill systems appropriately.

REFILL labels can only be used on packaging meeting the following criteria:

  • The packaging was designed to be refilled with its original product a minimum of 10 times1 e.g., a handsoap bottle that can be refilled with more handsoap
  • Refill systems are available to at least 75% of the UK population who had availability to purchase it initially
  • Refill systems will be available for a minimum of 3 years
  • The packaging can be refilled without risk to the consumer i.e., harsh chemical exposure or requiring the use of tools
  • The packaging and refill /reuse comply with any relevant standards e. g. those under development by UK Plastics Pact.


REFILL labels are exclusive to members of OPRL. Let us know if you’re interested in finding out more and becoming a member of the scheme.