Our latest initiative

Are you a recycling hero? Do you know your labels? Test out your knowledge with our video guide and see if you have superpowers!

We throw away our own body weight every 7 weeks – but up to 80% of this ‘rubbish’ could be recycled. And it’s important the other 20% isn’t, to make sure it doesn’t contaminate the material produced to make new things.

Be a recycling hero. Look out for our labels and follow the advice. If you recycle everything you can, lots of new things can be made, and lots of natural resources and energy saved:

  • your family throws away around 6 trees of paper a year, but in 7 days it could all be new newspapers, books and magazines, using less than 1/3 of the energy of processing from raw materials
  • you can run your tv for 3 hours on the energy saved by recycling just 1 aluminium drinks can, and it could be back on the supermarket shelf in 60 days
  • you can make a fleece jacket from 25 recycled plastic bottles, or save enough energy to power a lightbulb non-stop for more than 60 days compared to making bottles from ‘virgin’ plastic

And did you know there are more than £30 million worth of aluminium cans left around waiting to be recycled in the UK? Let’s get recycling!