Making packaging easy to recycle helps us all do the right thing more often. Getting all the design details right can be tricky, so we’ve got just the right tool to help our members help their customers.

The Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal – PREP – is unique. It advises whether a packaging design is recyclable or why it isn’t – or only recyclable at reduced value. This enables packaging designers and specifiers to modify their designs or materials choices before commissioning procurement and production.

Originally built for Australian packaging producers by PREP Design Pty Limited, we have brought it to the UK and re-calibrated it to take account of UK recycling collections and recycling processes.  It assesses packaging recyclability against two key sets of criteria:

  • the proportion of councils collecting that type of packaging and material from households across the UK;
  • how the packaging components will travel through and be captured at UK MRFs and reprocessors.

Free to all OPRL members (other than concessionary rates), it enables Plastics Pact participants to meet their commitments and all packaging producers to get ready for the Extended Producer Responsibility reforms.

And remember, no piece of packaging design is complete without the right label in place!