Packers/Fillers/Other suppliers

This category has been designed for Packer/Filler and other suppliers who may not be producing any packaging but are often the ones needing the label artwork, and often need advice as to which labels to use on the different packaging formats.

Under this category, we offer a range of member benefits including:

Member benefits

Helping you demonstrate compliance with procurement specifications

  • Validates claims of recyclability to ISO 14021 standards
  • Our PREP tool helps you confirm your packaging recyclability providing a detailed report you can share with your customers

Access to detailed guidelines

  • Labelling Rules – providing rules on which label to use and how
  • Labelling tool – select your packaging components and we will produce the label artwork you need
  • FAQs & Webinars – to help you when you need support
  • Support from our team of experts

Membership options and fees (please select)

£2,250 + VAT per annum

  • Up to 10 PREP user log-ins
  • Up to 8 hours phone/web-based support per annum