What to Recycle!

The effects of irresponsible disposal of plastics, particularly on rivers and oceans, have been in the news a lot recently, but many of us are still confused over what sort of plastic can be recycled and what can’t.

This does not excuse littering. Ever. Anywhere.

Here’s a few tips on how our labels can help you know what to recycle, and where.

1.  Recycling your bathroom packaging

Did you know nearly everything in your bathroom cabinet can be recycled? Plastic and glass bottles and jars are easily recycled.  And so are aerosol cans, metal or plastic.  In fact, recycled aluminium uses 95 percent less energy – and reduces Carbon emissions by 95 percent – than making a new can.  So it’s really important.  Just add bathroom packaging to your kitchen recycling collection, rinsing out where necessary.
Don’t forget card and clean paper products too.

2.  Recycling plastic wrapping or films

You can put your PE plastic film packaging for recycling in carrier bag collection points at Asda, The Co-operative, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose stores.  That includes the wrap on packs of cans and bottles, bread and vegetable bags, and some rice and pasta bags (check the label!).  If you shop online you can usually give them to your delivery driver.If you can’t find a label and you’re not sure of the type of plastic the wrap is, don’t recycle it, put it in your rubbish bin.  Then it won’t contaminate the recycled plastic which might come back as a milk bottle or bin bag or even a plastic pallet.

Please make sure your film is clean before taking it back to store – especially cling film.

3.  Recycling your plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays

You can recycle any clear plastic drinks bottle – although too many of us forget to do this when we’re out and about. Take them home to recycle if there are no on-the-go recycling bins available.  And don’t forget – keep the cap on!

Most councils now collect many types of clear and lightly coloured plastic pots, tubs and trays too.  But a few don’t, so when you check on your council website or on our Recycling Locator to see if you can already recycle pots, tubs and trays, if the answer’s ‘No’, ask them why not!

Black plastic trays and some other types of plastic pots and tubs, like PVC, aren’t so widely collected, so will still show our Check Locally label.  Again, check on your council website, or on our Recycling Locator to see what you should do locally.