What is the Scheme?

Consumers are increasingly frustrated that they don’t know which packaging can be recycled, or how. They’re looking for clear and consistent on-pack guidance and expect their favourite brands and retailers to supply this information.

The On-Pack Recycling Label delivers a simple, UK-wide, consistent recycling message for use on both retailer private label and brand-owner packaging.  Unlike other recycling labels our scheme is based on current local authority recycling services and reflects what CAN be recycled, and where. This enables more consumers to recycle more material correctly, more often.

Simple, clear messaging.

Our label gives clear information for each packaging component (e.g. tray, carton, sleeve, film) and material (card, paper, foil, plastic etc). Recyclability is defined by the proportion of local authorities offering recycling services for that material and component. In 2017 we revised and simplified our labels, so you may see both designs around for a while.

The main labels, covering virtually all packaging types, are:

Colour_mono_portrait_RNNOW   Portrait_S_PAN_WR  ‘Widely recycled’ – used when 75% or more councils offer kerbside collections

widely_recycled  BeverageCarton_SpecialistLabel  ‘Widely recycled at recycling points: check locally for kerbside’ – recycling in over 75% of councils

colour_mono_portrait_wrap   Portrait_S_PAN_CL  ‘Check local recycling’ – used when 20% – 75% of councils offer kerbside collections

colour_mono_portrait_pouch   Portrait_S_PAN_NYR  ‘Not currently recycled’ – used when fewer than 20% of councils offer kerbside collections

Film - Recycle with carrier bags at larger stores   Film_SpecialistLabel `Recycle with carrier bags at larger stores – not at kerbside’ – used on certain clean plastic films

emptymetalpaintcan  Specialist labels can be developed for particular packaging challenges such as our paint can label.

Just ask us if you have an issue which needs special treatment by contacting us on enquiries@oprl.org.uk.