The Benefits of Joining

Recycling, plastic packaging and coffee cups keep hitting the headlines. Your customers look to you for advice on how to recycle the packaging on their favourite products.  We give you the tools to do that simply and effectively.

Whatever your company’s size, whatever your distribution channels, the award-winning On-Pack Recycling Label gives you iconography recognised by more than 3 in 4 consumers – more than any other recycling label. Uniquely, Defra guidance on making environmental claims cites the OPRL scheme as good practice in recyclability claims, since it is based on availability of recycling services (see page 13).  Here’s what leading environmental authorities say about us:

“Explicit and easy to understand information: Concise visual information, complemented by simple text, helps the consumer to understand not only if the product packaging is recyclable but also whether it can be recycled based on the availability of recycling infrastructure. Guidance is further provided for individual packaging components. It is also clear to the consumer what his/her role is, i.e. to recycle.”  UN Environment Programme

“Achieving zero avoidable plastic waste – At the end of use stage, we will make it easier for people to recycle by continuing to support the industry-led On-Pack Recycling Labelling system and encourage all brands and retailers to use this system to provide information to householders.” UK Government 25 Year Environment Plan

Brands and retailers not currently using the widely recognised On Pack Recycling Label labelling scheme are strongly encouraged to adopt this labelling on all packaging placed on the UK market.” WRAP

Membership is open to packaging designers and manufacturers, filler/packers, compliance schemes and datahouses, so that the whole supply chain can work together to improve the recyclability of packaging.

The benefits of membership are:

1. Engaging your customers

By demonstrating you take recycling and careful use of resources seriously, you add value to your brand. And by helping them do the right thing you show how important your customers are to you.

2. Delivering on your sustainability promises

Showing you take a holistic view – not just in the production and consumption of your product, but also the packaging which protects it.

3. Supporting sector-wide commitments

By demonstrating your leadership within our sector you strengthen not only your brand, but the image of our sector as a whole.  We are UK Plastics Pact delivery partners.

4. Participating in the circular economy

If you share our ambition to grow the UK’s circular economy help secure every link in the chain – from packaging producer to product manufacturer to retailer to consumer to waste authority to processor to packaging producer.

5. Addressing political and public criticisms

Combined with careful design, minimising packaging while protecting the products to be enjoyed by your customers, this little label speaks volumes about the sustainability of your packaging.

Signing up to this scheme will demonstrate your business’ commitment. Join us now!

Member support

As a member you’ll receive:

  • Labelling Rules on how to apply the label correctly, and access to our  Labelling Tool to get your print ready artwork
  • Online tools to help you choose the correct label, and see more recyclable options available for your packaging needs
  • Online designing for recyclability tool (PREP), based on UK collections AND processing infrastructure and meeting ISO14021 requirements on making self-evaluated claims on recyclability (not included under concessionary rate)
  • General advice on the label and scheme, and regular newsletters telling you of developments
  • Feedback from our quality assurance compliance monitoring detailing any problems and advice on how to rectify them
  • Support on accessing our services
  • Support in dealing with general queries relating to the scheme

In addition, we promote the label both in the media and through the resources we provide to councils for resident communications. These are also freely available to members for use in-store or on your website.