Member Fees and Ts&Cs

To become a member of the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme and start putting the label on your packaging you must pay the appropriate annual subscription fee in advance. We will ask you to meet the scheme’s rules (set out in our Ts&Cs available to download below) and will enforce these through our compliance monitoring.

Headline conditions include:

  • Restrictions on sharing information and assets with suppliers, who will need to join in their own right if management of packaging design and production is out-sourced;
  • Using labels on client packaging only where the client is also an OPRL member;
  • Using OPRL generated label artwork only;
  • Full and timely co-operation with audit procedures;
  • Removal of all OPRL labels from packaging ranges and destruction of all OPRL assets held physically or electronically by you or your suppliers on leaving the scheme.

The annual fees from 1 April 2021 are:

£5,000 (+VAT) per annum for major brands, retailers and packaging manufacturers, including groups with one or more subsidiaries, placing over 1 billion pieces of packaging on the UK market each year (as declared in PRN returns)

£3,500 (+VAT) per annum for large brands and retailers placing between 250 million to 1 billion pieces  of packaging on the UK market each year (as declared in PRN returns) and for packaging manufacturers whose production falls below 1 billion pieces pa

£2,250 (+VAT) per annum for design agencies, packer/fillers and other suppliers producing no packaging under the PRN system

£1,800 (+VAT) per annum for brands and retailers placing less than 250 million pieces of packaging on the UK market each year (as declared in PRN returns)

£395 (+VAT)* per annum for Start-ups and Sole Traders exempt from PRNs ie placing less than 50t of packaging on the UK market each year, on condition that a recurring subscription made automatically by electronic payment is put in place

*This excludes access to our new design tool. Optional use can be secured for the additional fee of £250 (+VAT) per annum.

As a not-for-profit company we set our fees to cover our costs in delivering our ever-expanding services to members, re-investing any surplus in developing new services and furthering the aims of the scheme. No dividend is distributed.

On each anniversary of your membership you must pay the renewal fee applying at that time. Failure to pay any fee owed within 60 days of the due date will result in the sub-licence agreement being suspended and your access to services being withdrawn.  Further delay will result in termination. This means you will not be able to use the label on any of your packaging.

Any changes to fees may be notified to members in writing and/or set out on this website.


OPRL Terms & Conditions July 2020

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