Advance Notification of Planned Fee Increase

We’re really pleased you’re planning to join us. As you’re aware, OPRL is a not-for-profit created to help consumers recycle better, more often. We now have over 600 members with more joining each month. OPRL is increasingly seen as an essential element of responsible and sustainable packaging and is the most recognised, understood and acted on recycling label in the UK1. This growth has enabled us to expand the capabilities and services we offer, reinvesting all of our surpluses in creating better value for members.

We don’t change our fees often. Since we launched in March 2009, we’ve revised our fees just twice, including re-structuring to reflect the greater usage and benefits received by members with larger packaging ranges.

We work hard to drive down costs wherever possible. We invest in tools and services to provide greater support, automating processes to ensure greater value for money, and in strengthened systems as member numbers have tripled and continue to grow, ensuring quality and consistent availability of our services. This will keep future costs to a minimum.

These new fees will take effect on all renewals or new memberships from 1 April 2021. At 0.0005p per pack2 we believe OPRL continues to provide excellent value for money.

Added value

Our new Labelling Rules followed 6 months research with consumers and industry experts from across the packaging value cycle, completely revisiting the evidence base and approach. UN Environment Programme research has rated OPRL labels as global best practice. We’ve upgraded our online tools and services, giving you more control of your account, radically improved our Labelling Tool and your ability to create the labels you need, when you need them. And we’ve introduced webinars and FAQs to help you get the most from your membership.

For more information on what we’ve been doing the last 12 months, take a look at our Annual Report.

What happens next

Our new fees come into effect from 1 April 2021. So if you’re signing up now they will only affect your renewal after your first year of membership.

Member categoryCurrent fee2021 feeAdditional support for category
Small independent businesses concessionary rate£299£395Up to 1 hour phone/web-based3 support per annum4
Standard Brands and Retailers£1,400£1,800Up to 4 hours phone/web-based3 support per annum4
Design Agencies, Packer/Fillers, and other suppliers£1,700£2,250Up to 8 hours phone/web-based3 support per annum4
Large Brands, Retailers and Packaging Manufacturers£2,500£3,500Half day annual site visit and up to 2 hours phone/web based3 support OR 12 hours phone/web based3 support per annum4
Major Brands, Retailers, Packaging Manufacturers and Waste Management Companies£3,700£5,000Half day annual site visit and up to 8 hours phone/web based3 support per annum4

Members with very large packaging ranges will be charged an additional £150 pa per 5,000 SKUs above the first 5,000 SKUs. This is to pass through the greater costs incurred due to the audit sample for the largest packaging ranges.

1. Tangible research for OPRL: 2,580 GB consumers, November/December 2018
2. Based on 2021 fee of £5,000 pa for 1 billion packaging items per year
3. Web-based meaning Zoom, Teams or similar
4. Hours per annum include any follow up calls/emails which originate from support calls/web-based support