Certified As Recyclable

With increasing scrutiny of packaging and the sustainability claims being made about specific pack designs it’s vital for packaging specifiers and procurers to be able to distinguish fact from greenwash. Many claims are made in marketing materials but do they really stand up to scrutiny?

The OPRL Certified As Recyclable scheme has been developed exclusively to our members providing a robust analysis of the design, materials and special features of packaging to give a clear analysis of its recyclability in the UK. No other certification scheme offers this analysis.

Initially we are offering this service for rigid plastic packaging with our partners RECOUP and the service will be extended to other materials in future.

How will it work?

The certification scheme will assess rigid plastic packaging for recyclability. Sample packaging will be tested to ensure the design and materials choices and compatibility meet the capacity of UK recycling collections, sorting and recovery infrastructure.

Testing will determine:

  • If the pack type and material is collected in the UK
  • If the pack size and type and material/materials combination can be sorted at typical UK Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) and Plastics Recovery Facilities (PRF)
  • If the resulting material streams can then be recycled
  • If there is a market for that recycled material

Interested in using the service?

It’s exclusive to members of OPRL so let us know if you’re interested in finding out more and becoming a member of the scheme.