Employment, Community and Innovation

SDGs 8, 9 and 11


We‘re a private company limited by guarantee with an independent Board which has set an ambitious growth strategy. As a rapidly growing micro-business we’ve created four new roles over the last year and brought other functions in-house to establish our core team of seven. Our long-term relationships with our suppliers ensure we maintain independent operations while working to the same goals. We work very closely with key stakeholders such as WRAP and ZWS as well as the UK Governments, but are independent of them.

We encourage and support staff individually and collectively to volunteer in community activities and on environmental issues, and in fulfilling their civic duties.


We invest heavily in innovation, with over 20 percent of our turnover in 2019/20 going into developing new interactive tools and improved services (online and through direct support) for members. This investment continues. We’ve adopted the latest bookkeeping and financial management technologies and minimise our operational footprint through smart use of technology.


We underpin the development of our services on the design, evaluation and labelling of packaging as recyclable or otherwise based on specially commissioned research and best practice guidance, supplemented by acknowledged industry expertise to provide the Evidence Base (see download link below). Continuing professional development and qualifications are central to our approach, not only in ensuring fulfilling jobs but also to ensure we continue to develop best-in-class services on which our members can rely.


We’re proud that our flexible approach to employment and equal treatment of full and part-time staff means we’ve attracted strong women candidates at all levels of seniority and are committed to providing fulfilling and rewarding jobs that can be combined with caring responsibilities or studying. We are an Accredited Living Wage Employer. Salaries are above the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage for all staff and we use their cost of living index as the basis for annual pay reviews. The salary ratio between our highest and lowest paid staff is less than 5:1. All staff receive the same benefits package, benchmarked against SME good practice.

We have an exemplary Health and Safety record and promote safe practices on and off-site, including homeworking and when late night working, working away from home or travel is necessary.

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OPRL Labelling Rules 2019 Evidence Base

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