Our Corporate Responsibility and Values

As a not-for-profit with clear environmental objects we take sustainability seriously and we know that our members, staff, suppliers and stakeholders do too. Our purpose and values have always embraced all aspects of sustainability and during 2019/20, as we directly employed staff for the first time, we articulated these more clearly.

OPRL Purpose and Values diagram

In putting these values into practice, we naturally turned to the Sustainable Development Goals to provide a focus and a framework. We have selected nine SDGs of particular importance to us in how we provide services to our customers, how we treat our staff and how we work with our suppliers and stakeholders.

OPRL SDG Analysis Diagram

We’re still early on our journey in aligning our operations and governance with the key priorities set out in the SDGs, and in understanding the impact of our services in helping our members deliver their sustainability commitments. We undertook a baselining exercise in 2019/20 and are now reporting our 2020/21 outcomes in our OPRL SDGAnnualReport 2021 Final. As a participant in the UN Global Compact we have also submitted our first OPRL Ltd Communication Of Progress 2022.

Learn more about what we’re doing to make the SDGs become a reality on:

Employment, Community and Innovation

Environment and Natural Resources

Equalities, Wellbeing and Human Rights



OPRL SDG Action Plan

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