We’re Hiring!

If you share our passion for protecting the planet through building a circular economy in packaging, why not join the team?

Our recycling labels are now recognised, understood and acted on by 3 in 4 people, more than four times any other recycling label.  We’re the market-leading – and only evidence-based – recycling label in the UK, used by over 370 brands, retailers, charities, publishers, packer fillers, packaging designers and manufacturers, and supported by a growing number of compliance schemes, consultancies and datahouses. Nobody does it better!

As our membership and product range grow, we’re also growing our team.

Our philosophy is to treat everyone equitably, reward you fairly, recognise your contribution and support you and your family in being happy and healthy.  We embrace flexible working as well as ensuring everyone comes together for team time at our new Banbury offices.  As a small business we offer a great benefits package.  And as a not-for-profit our focus is on delivering for our members and investing in our people.

We aim to help people to recycle more packaging, correctly and more often.

We’re a small and dynamic organisation where every individual makes a big difference, and everyone has the opportunity to grow and shine.  You’ll be working with marketing and packaging professionals in household brands, environmental charities and tiny start-ups, united in their commitment to make packaging more sustainable and to support people in recycling more, and more correctly.

If this is the environment you would thrive in, why not join us?

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