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The On-Pack Recycling Label Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, any profits being reinvested in our activities to promote ...

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The award-winning On-Pack Recycling Label scheme delivers a simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message on both retailer and brand pack...

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Your customers - or your clients' customers - look to you for advice on how to recycle the packaging on their favourite products. We give y...

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  • New NEDs Come on Board as OPRL Strengthens Governance
    9 Jan - Jane Bevis
  • OPRL Labels Heading for Yes/No Recycling Advice
    19 Dec - Jane Bevis
  • OPRL Appoints Professor Margaret Bates as Executive Director
    10 Dec - Jane Bevis


Making packaging easy to recycle helps us all do the right thing more often. Getting all the design details right can be tricky, so we've go...

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Find out where your nearest recycling facilities are, for packaging and for much, much more. You CAN make a difference!

Plastic Recycling Tips  

Irresponsible disposal of plastics, particularly on rivers and oceans, has been in the news a lot, but many of us are still confused over wh...

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Can't find our recycling label on some packaging? If your favourite brand isn't part of over 400 members already using OPRL, why not ask th...