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Consumers are frustrated that they don't understand what can be recycled, or how.  They want clear, consistent advice from a trusted source.  More and more of them have come to trust the On-Pack Recycling Label for that advice - over 7 in 10 now recognise our label.  Which is why you can trust us to provide you with the tools for effective customer engagement as part of your Producer Responsibility on packaging.

What is the Scheme?   

The award-winning On-Pack Recycling Label scheme delivers a simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message on both retailer and brand pack...

The Benefits of Joining  

Whatever your company's size or sector, whatever your distribution channels, the award-winning On-Pack Recycling Label gives you iconography...

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Your customers look to you for advice on how to recycle the packaging on their favourite products. We give you the tools to do that simply ...