Take Action

You can see all the companies and charities which are OPRL members here. If you can’t find your favourite brand, manufacturer, retailer or charity why not write to them suggesting that they join our award-winning scheme?

Don’t worry, we offer really good value for money, including special rates for charities and small independent businesses. So there’s really no excuse – let them know you want them to help you recycle more – and change the face of packaging in the UK.  We support increasing sustainability in the UK’s packaging sector, a match for the best anywhere in the world.

Joining OPRL is a very small step but could help a giant leap forward in the sustainable use of resources.

Do your bit and ask them to do theirs! We’ve provided a suggested letter template, but please add any other points you would like to make. And believe us, you really can help change the world just by letting companies know it really matters to you.