Quality Assurance

Consumers trust OPRL labelling because it gives them a clear, consistent and reliable message which explains exactly how they should act. That’s our USP.

Trust is hard earned and easily lost, so to protect the value of our product we commission risk-based compliance monitoring from Ricardo-AEA, themselves a trusted brand in sustainability. They undertake hundreds of checks every month to ensure the label is being used properly by members – and that there’s no unlicensed use. So you can be sure you’re using a properly quality assured product. Defra guidance on making environmental claims cites the OPRL scheme as a good practice example which is evidence-based and not ‘greenwash’ (see page 13).

Following a compliance check you’ll be given constructive feedback on any incorrect usage and how you can improve the ways you use the label. You’ll be asked to commit to achieving full compliance within an agreed, realistic timetable. We’ll then check that you’re adhering to that commitment.

We’ve also developed a benchmarking tool so you can see how you compare with your sector’s best in class and average performance.  And for those of you who excel, achieving perfect compliance and coverage scores in a category, we award our 100PerCenters status, putting you up on our Wall of Fame and celebrating you in the press.