Label Objectives

The award-winning On-Pack Recycling Label scheme delivers a simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message on both retailer and brand packaging.  Our members come from all parts of the packaging supply chain, from design to manufacture to brand/retailer.


Our recycling symbols have been developed to:

  • Help more consumers to recycle more packaging correctly, more often; and
  • Help councils and others to increase recycling rates for materials that could be recycled, but currently have low collection and recycling rates.

Our goal is to support the circular economy for all major packaging materials within the UK, helping you to minimise your environmental footprint. Our scheme supports UK governments’ and local authority objectives, the EU Waste and Recycling Directive and its aims.

By offering a consistent and well understood label, OPRL aims to:

  • Keep it simple for consumers and users;
  • Provide clear advice to consumers on how they can recycle in their local area;
  • Be practical to apply on packs alongside statutory information;
  • Support innovative councils that collect materials not currently widely recycled; and
  • Protect quality of recycling streams by preventing contamination with materials not currently recycled.

We’ve devised the scheme so that it encourages innovation in processes and technology, and investment in infrastructure so that more packaging materials can be recycled in future.